April 2018, after thinking about it for months, I finally set my foot in South of France. Choosing the first city was of course very hard but I just took the most practical decision. Reaching Montpellier from Paris was the easiest thing thanks to Ouigo.


Montpellier is warm, warmer than Paris and I could admire a blue sky ( Paris¬†has been acting up lately ), a soft wind and a familiar architecture. I spent two days in the city, and since it’s quite small, I even had some time to visit another small town called S√®te.¬†It’s possible to do everything by foot in Montpellier. The city is quite small and it was easy to find my¬†way.


Place de la comédie: This was the first place I went to. It must be the most lively place of the city. Restaurants, bars, a shopping center, all right next to the train and tram station.

Rue du Bras de Fer: What a lovely small street! Here you will discover little shops and bars in a very calm and beautifully decorated street. It’s a very small place but worth a little look.

Promenade du Peyrou and Arc de Triomphe: Here you can take a walk, go for a run or enjoy drinks and food on the grass. There is also a beautiful view of the city.

Place de la Canourgue

Place de l’Europe

Rue de la Fontaine

The Medicine Faculty and the Saint Pierre Cathedral.