After Paris, Lyon would be the second city to see in France. It’s a smaller version with a different atmosphere. I made it there by bus from Paris. It was very early in the morning and the sun was not up yet. After a pretty long walk, the first rays of sunshine started to lay on the buildings by the docks. A pretty amazing view to start a morning walk.


-Walk, again and again. From the Vieux Lyon to Notre Dame de Fourvière. The small streets are just charming and the view while climbing to the cathédrale is just amazing.

-While we are already up the hill, 5min walk from the cathedral is the Lyon Theatre Antique. It’s one of the oldest monuments of the city and it offers a pretty view of the city.

-See at least one sunrise or sunset. It’s pretty easy from the docks, just grab a drink and some snack and wait.

-In Lyon, you have many markets along the Saône or the Rhone. From alimentary markets to the book market, you will find what you need for lunch or just a souvenir.

-The biggest parc , la Tete d’Or is just gorgeous, especially in summertime or Spring. There is a nice zoo for animal lovers where you can see them play around or sleep.

-Last thing and most important one, try a typical restaurant. Called “bouchons”, it’s the place you could try the region’s gastronomy. Try a familial or small one since it feels like the smaller the restaurant is, the better the food tastes.