I’ve been dreaming about this place for so long, that when I arrived at the port, I was a little disappointed. The view from the port is totally different from the Marina Corricella. After a few minutes walk up to a small hill, there it was. The first time you see the impressive marina, you just stare as you wanted time to stop. After probably an hour walking around and watching from every possible point of view, I finally went back to walk on the marina. Boats, little restaurants and shops, colored walls and doors were everywhere. 


Procida is easy to reach from Naples or Ischia by ferry and there are many companies. I used Snav because it seemed to be the fastest one. 

The walk from the port to the Marina is pretty nice and you don’t have to climb very much to get to the view points. 


-On Procida, you have a very beautiful and clear water. The best best choices to swim would be Chiaiolella and Spiaggia del Pozzo Vecchio. Those are secluded beaches and since the island is not very crowded, the beaches are only fequented by locals. 

-The best views of Procida:

Terra Murata is around a 20min walk from the port and offers a panoramic view of the marina, the old prison of Procida and the bay. 

Ex Carcere di Procida offers a closer view of the Marina.