Slovenia : Bohinj Lake


Bohinj Lake : One of the most beautiful places in Slovenia

Slovenia sure has its number of scenic places: gorgeous lakes, wild rivers, snow-covered mountains, and an amazing coastline. Stopping by this beautiful country in September is a perfect occasion to discover one of its most beautiful places: Bohinj Lake.

Bohinj certainly is one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia. It’s also the biggest lake, surrounded by the beautiful mountains of  Triglav National Park. We decided to camp by the lake, in order to spend some quiet time here. At the end of the summer, there are very few tourists at the camp. It somehow feels a little wild and idyllic. 

Make sure to take a walk or a big hike. This is a National Park and there are many options for walkers. One of the best ways to discover the area is to walk around the lake, its takes around 4 hours and gives you many chances to stop for a swim. 

Biking around the lake, from or to the lake, the possibilities are endless. Slovenia is a paradise when it comes to outdoor activities. 

The water is clear, clean, and fresh. It can be a little cold, but worth a try. There are so many places to take a swim or just chill around the water. 

A boat tour
We took a small boat tour on the lake, an amazing way to discover what’s around in only 30 minutes. Great for a morning or afternoon break.