Collioure, the Mediterranean town that inspired Fauvism.


Summer 1905 Matisse and Derain

Collioure seemed to be the perfect spot for a summer retreat back then. When Henri Matisse and André Derain decided to spend a few weeks on the Cote vermeille to paint and draw.

The village, located in the South of France, inspired many modern artists and still inspires today. Wander its cobblestone streets and stumble upon gallerists, soft pastel houses, and reproductions of paintings of Matisse and Derain. These paintings, displayed all around the village, form the famous "Chemin du Fauvisme".

chemin du fauvisme
Paintings : André Derain - Le phare de Collioure (1905) and Henri Matisse - La sieste(1905)

Start your walk at Maison du Fauvisme, they also offer a guided tour. You can book here.


More things to visit in Collioure

During your stay in the village, don't miss a visit to the castle, the fort, the modern art museum and the church. Also, Collioure has great beaches, each offering a great view of the village.

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