Colmar In The Winter Time : A Fairytale destination !

Alsace is known as the perfect destination for Christmas in France. While Strasbourg’s Christmas market is the biggest and the most frequented, the town of Colmar is worth a visit. This typical Alsatian city with cobblestone little streets, colorful timbered houses is home to a place we call the Little Venice. Its canal is surrounded by beautiful houses, embellished by flowers, and in December, by Christmas decorations.

©E.Fromm / OT Colmar

What to do in Colmar ?

The little Venice

The little Venice is perfect for a stroll, taking pictures and admiring the local architecture. You can also enjoy the view by boat or in one of the restaurants around. It’s a picture perfect place !

Le Quai de la Poissonnerie
©OT Colmar
The Christmas market

The Christmas market is a great opportunity to taste hot wine, local specialties such as Foie Gras, Gingerbread or Bretzels. The market starts at 10 AM and ends at 10PM, which gives you enough time to cover all three meals if you wish!

The Bartholdi Museum

A visit to Colmar would not be complete without a visit of the Bartholdi museum. Bartholdi, the artist behind the Statue of Liberty was born in the city. Discover more about his life and his important work, displayed in many french cities such as Lyon or Belfort.

Colmar Indoor Market

If you wish to taste even more local food, head to the indoor market. There, you’ll find a great selection of meat, cheese, fruits, wines, just to name a few. The market is home to 3 restaurants, a cafe and a bistro and even hosts events from time to time.

Colmar indoor market
©E. Fromm – Colmar Tourisme
The Unterlinden Museum

Located in a former monastery, the Unterlinden Museum host a great amount of artwork throughout years of history, from the Middle Ages to Renaissance and Modern times. You’ll find artists such as Monet, Picasso or Dubuffet.

©E. Fromm – Colmar Tourisme

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