Château Chalon, Route des Vins du Jura

Discover The 10 Most Beautiful Burgundy Villages

Burgundy’s villages, natural, archaeological sites and towns deserve a stop! Here are the most beautiful villages you will come across during a trip to this region loved by gastronomes and culture-loving travelers.


Famous for its vineyards and wine, Chablis has a rich cultural and natural heritage. Nature lovers will appreciate the many walking routes. Architecture lovers would rather wander the old town, discover its church, its old monastery and its “Porte Noël” . But no traveler should leave Chablis without tasting its local specialties such as Jambon au Chablis, Biscuit Duché or Pilier de Chablis.

Chablis, Burgundy



Listed by UNESCO, Vezelay is one of the most beautiful villages of Burgundy. It is also a stop for pilgrims along the Way of St. James. Located on a hill, its basilica overlooks the vineyards and the Morvan natural Park. Once you take a stroll down the beautiful paved streets of the village, and climb to the top of this “eternal hill” enjoy the view you sure deserved !

Abbaye Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Vezelay, Bourgogne

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Being home to the famous french painter Gustave Courbet, Ornans is a great place for art lovers. But the charm of this village comes from its beautiful house along the river and its small little streets, perfect for wandering. A fun way of discovering the village is coming down the river in canoe !


Noyers-sur-Serein is a beautiful medieval city with a typical architecture. It’s quite easy to immerse yourself in its atmosphere during an afternoon around the village. This former trading medieval village is beautifully preserved and has kept its Burgundian architecture over the years. It will feel like living in a movie !




Listed as one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in France“, Flavigny-sur-Ozerain is a medieval town where it’s easy to wander. Set of the movie “Chocolat” the town specialty is the The “Anis de Flavigny”, a sugar-coated aniseed you can taste and discover the making of in the local factory.

Flavigny sur Ozerain Bourgogne

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This charming village is a fine combination of history, gastronomy and natural heritage. A visit in Château-Chalon is your chance to taste the famous “Vin Jaune” made in its vineyards. Once in the village, admire the marvelous landscapes and plan your next adventure into the vineyards around. This is the most beautiful village of France.

Château Chalon, Route des Vins du Jura



Beautiful houses along the river, wineries, and breathtaking views await in Lods. This village is at the heart of an impressive natural environment, bringing calm and serenity to the visitors. Make sure to make a stop by the river and admire the small waterfalls.






Village à Pesmes

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