Why Should You Visit The Rodin Museum in Paris ?

© Husunuvi Débora – Voyageinfrance

There are few museums in Paris known for their quiet and charming atmosphere. Rodin museum is one of them. Located in the very cultural 7th arrondissement (close to Invalides, Orsay or Maillol museums), it showcases a considerable amount of sculptures, drawings or paintings. Most of the art is Rodin’s sculpture. But the artist was also an avid art collector, which leads us to discovering other sculptors such as Camille Claudel, one of his students. Rodin also purchased three Van Goghs , Renoir’s Nude in the Sunlight, and Monet’s Belle-Île, which are true masterpieces.

The museum is set in a former hotel particulier named Biron Hotel. It welcomed artists such as Matisse, Cocteau or Rodin himself. The sculptor installed his studio and worked there for a few years before the purchase of the place by the state. Rodin then offered to hand all his collection in exchange of turning Hotel Biron into a museum in his name. That’s how, in 1919, Hotel Biron became the Musée Rodin.View of the garden from the inside of the Rodin museum.

© Husunuvi Débora – Voyageinfrance

Many collections are displayed in the inside of the museum. A first area dedicated to temporary exhibitions and another to his permanent collection. The diversity of the art goes from sculptures, to photographs, drawings, paintings and decoration items. Many windows in every room gives you a constant sunbath and a spectacular view over the garden and sometimes over the city!

The garden is also filled with art and you can bump into life-size sculptures. One of the reasons making this place the perfect one for an afternoon or a Sunday. How can we not love wandering in a garden filled with art ?

How to get to the Rodin Museum ?

77 Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris
Metro 13 – Varenne
Open Tuesday-Sunday : 10am – 6.30pm
33 1 44 18 61 10
Website :

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